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Rivers/Vick Public Education Meeting May 23rd


Rivers/Vick Meeting Notes – Saturday May 23rd

The meeting on education was held at the training fire station in Dollars Corners, started at 1:30pm and concluded about 3:15pm. These are the notes I took and offer them with the understanding that while attempting to be accurate I could have missed or misinterpreted something. There were about 20 people from the community with the balance being associated with the representatives.

Senate Proposal: Increase spending by $2.7 billion; add funding for creation of 2100 new classrooms for K-3; Increase teacher pay by $440 million

Common Core/SBAC Testing – Both said there is a growing movement to repeal CC and stop the SBAC testing. They said they support necessary testing and high standards but not the way it’s being done. Funding is the focus of the current session so any legislative action will come in the future (no timing indicated)

1351 – Reduced Class Size – Going to be sent back to the people. The cost of just the administrative piece (25,000 more people) is estimated at $4 billion. The impact of need for more class rooms, other facilities and services is project at an additional $11-$12 billion. The money simply doesn’t exist.

Impact of increased state funding on local taxes? Unlikely there will be any change. Battle Ground school district residential tax payers carry the bulk of the load (we pay $3,215 per year) and while that might go down the districts will still need to go tot he tax payers for levy money.

Summary: Lots of discussion and comments about Common Core, SBAC testing as well as resources needs and teacher compensation. Senator Rivers is considering starting a Working Group to advise her on legislative actions relating to education.


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