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Common Core – SBAC Testing – Designed for Students to fail?


I wrote the following email to my representative on the Battle Ground School Board today, July 12, 2015 and provided the link below as well:

An article claiming that the SBAC testing is designed to fail a large portion of the students taking it is linked below. Given the results of the Spring 2015 testing readers of the article might be inclined to agree.

I know I’ve said it multiple times but at the risk of repeating myself the Common Core/SBAC and associated high stakes testing is the wrong direction. If school boards around the state would take a stand against CC and the testing and let the legislature know they oppose we would get action.

The author of the article states: A civilized society does not produce a Common Core testing system that is designed so that 9 in 10 special education students are deemed failures…. But then again, the Corporate Education Reform Industry does not reflect the values of a civilized society.

If boards won’t take the position then it’s left to the grass roots parents to take the steps. 


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