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Battle Ground Parade


Today three (3) of our grandchildren joined me in the Battle Ground parade. There were close to 100 entries. The parade route was ~1 mile and took about 90 minutes. Keeping an 11 year old, 9 year old and a 2 1/2 year old focused for that long is challenging but rewarding.

We met a number of people and shared some discussions. Here are a couple of pictures. Thanks to everyone for your help and support.

p.s. the blackboard in the background we had made. we put flash cards on it to signify learning. The theme was Harvest Your Dreams. As you can see one wants to be a soccer player; one an actress and the youngest to be Iron Man.

E_C_H_BG_Parade Battle_Grnd_Parade_w_GKs Harvest_Ur_Dreams



  1. jefferyd32 says:

    I was investigating voting for you, but after seeing your sign in the parade I am not able to vote for someone who cannot spell ‘your’ but is running for a place on the school board. It is just the principle of using correct grammar when in educational leadership. It may be petty, but it lost you a vote.


    • Really? Did you consider that not only was Your intentionally misspelled to UR but that there was a math problem that was wrong as well? If you considered asking it was a parody on the challenges imposed by Common Core and the issues associated therewith. Did you also notice we spelled Dreams wrong as well? Of course one could also consider that having a bit of fun and drawing attention to the challenges of learning has value as well. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and casting your vote…no matter who it’s for and why it’s done.


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