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Washington State – Full Day Kingergarten – Details and Implications


When the BGSD press release about Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) was posted on the Battle Ground Facebook Page (FBP) an uproar ensued. Some parents were angry because FDK is limited to Maple Grove Elementary for the 2015-2016 school year. Others had no issue and some didn’t even want FDK.

In an effort to pull together information in one place I’m adding this article. Here’s what I found:

Explanation of FDK from the WA OSPI office:  http://www.k12.wa.us/EarlyLearning/FullDayKindergartenResearch.aspx 

Along with FDK the State requires that the WAKids program be instituted at all schools participating in FDK. PLEASE take the time to open this link and read item #2 – Whole Child Assessment. The amount of information that they gather raises serious questions in my mind to the extent that I have already registered my opposition to WAKids. http://www.k12.wa.us/WAkids/default.aspx  Note: I have no issue with FDK.

Note: Parents can Opt-Out their children from WAKids….they won’t tell you that.

Look into the evolving WA State requirements for day care centers. It’s not a stretch to say that the number of centers has dropped dramatically in recent years and that the centers are being told what words they can use.   Here is a link (hopefully it works) to a couple of men out of Spokane that do weekly radio shows on various topics. This one is an interview with a mom in the Puget Sound area where they discuss various changes OSPI is making quietly in the background that parents may not be aware of:   https://onedrive.live.com/?id=F400695FA641CB68%21253&cid=F400695FA641CB68&group=0&parId=F400695FA641CB68%21252&o=OneUp 

I’m deeply concerned about the attempts to gather and create a database that, when it is hacked (because it’s not an issue of IF but WHEN) what the impact will be on children. Will children be labeled early in such a way that it will affect them for their entire school career?

I will be sharing more information about testing, data gathering and the implications. I look forward to parents sharing their thoughts and links to information you find.


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