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SBAC – Early Media Report – Aug 12th


Here are the slides from the OSPI “media update” on August 12th. The full data set will be made available to the public on August 17th. Under each slide I’ll make some comments:


In 2014 the test was given on paper and 2015 on computer (for most). 2015 was the second time students had taken the test and used the format. They did slightly better in 2015 which allowed OSPI to claim that students “did better than anticipated”. No matter how you look at it these are terrible scores. This is English Language Arts (ELA)


This is the math portion of the SBAC test. The results are even worse than the ELA


They need 95% participation or the data isn’t useful and the district would receive a failing grade. It appears that with the exception of 3rd and 6th grades otherwise others barely had enough students and Juniors clearly said NO.


What does this slide say? It shows that they LOWERED the passing standard. Up until the test results a 3 and 4 were passing with 1 and 2 failing. To make the test results more acceptable they decided that a 2.5 is now passing. In essence they threw out what they planned because the reality would have raised a storm. This says the testing process is not just flawed it’s fatally flawed.



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