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WAKids – Be aware as you child enters kindergarten


Updated: August 21st

This document outlines the breadth of “services” provided. It describes the training, outreach, responsibilities and other details.

OSPI AESD WaKIDS Consolidated Services Agreement 2014-15

Original Post

I’ve been compiling information on the WAKids program for some time now. Basically it’s a State lead initiative that continues the pre-school data mining of children as they enter the public school system. I have personal concerns about the program and want to share information with parents (and other interested parties) so you/they can be aware of the perceived PRO’s and CON’s. I don’t claim this is unbiased but I am trying to provide materials on both sides.

If you read through the document and look at the links please stop back by and share your thoughts. If you find materials you think should be added please share them and I’ll update the document.

WAKids_August_2015   This is the main document

WAKids_Misgivings_June_2015   This is correspondence

WAKids_Rubric  This is a copy of the template used for the assessment



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