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Common Core – Follow the money and manipulation


Common Core was foisted on the United States by a small group of progressives who believe that education is in need of massive reform and that the only way to do it is to lead the decision makers (and in the end parents) by the nose. Their path is money.

Here are four (4) articles that pull some of the pieces together. Rather than asking you to believe me I suggest that you read the words of others for yourself and make your own judgement. I’ll offer some thoughts in association with each article link (you should be able to click the title of each article and a new window should open to that piece):

Feds admit U.S. Department of Education “forced” states to accept Common Core from the start

In this article they walk through the use of money (states are desperate for funds for education) to entice states to adopt new standards.

Feds confess truth about Common Core

Written in “The Pulse” they explain the fraud that has been perpetrated on the American public.

Competing Principals

This is an article written for and published in The Stanford Social Review. In this article Joanne Weiss, former Director of Race for the Top takes great pride in explaining how she and the Dept. of Education developed what would be the basis for Common Core and lead states to adopt it.

Duncan cheers failing scores

Arne Duncan, US Department of Education, talks about No Child Left Behind, test scores and talks about the lies that were told to parents and others.

Summary: Those who promote Common Core, in their base argument, claim that the States set CC up, wanted it, developed it and that the Federal Government has little to nothing to do with the adoption. When you read the articles ask yourself whether you believe that or not.



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