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Common Core – Affecting Home Schooled and Private Schooled?


Are home schooled and private schooled students impacted by Common Core?

The answer is yes and no. According to the Common Core Issues web site CC is currently limited to public schools…however…to quote “However, there is no such protection for families who have enrolled their children in programs that receive federal funds, especially those who are using virtual charter schools that are run through the local public school for their home education.”  The challenge moving forward is testing. They who control the required tests control the curriculum. In order to score well on tests you need to teach (and learn) what is being tested.

The Cardinal Newman Society says “The Florida Department of Education recently released a report detailing a 9.6 percent increase in children being home schooled, the largest increase in five years, according to the Herald Tribune. Since 2010, nearly 25,000 additional students in Florida have opted for homeschooling in lieu of public and Catholic school options.”  They go on to say “There is great concern about the indoctrination, data mining and constant testing that Common Core has brought to schools, including Catholic schools”  

At the CT Home School Network they express this fear: “But in a few years, when home-schooled teens walk side-by-side with public high school students into ACT and SAT college examination rooms, they may be at a distinct disadvantage for not having studied a Common Core curricula.”  

The Christian Post, in an article titled “Common Core and Home Schooling: Friend or Foe?”  They note: “…that 70 percent of survey respondents cite a nonreligious reason as the top motivator in their decision to home school.”  They also say: “…- consistently scoring higher on standardized tests and college graduation rates about 10% higher than their public school peers.”  So home schooling is not just a religious choice.

In an article in April 2014 the organization NewsMax ran a story titled “5 Ways Common Core Will Impact Home-Schoolers” They note that in North Carolina home schooling increased 14% by late 2014. The same group ran a story titled “5 Ways Common Core will Affect Private Schools” where they discuss funding, longitudinal data gathering, restriction on vouchers for not complying and more.

In a private blog one Nancy Bailey says that if all students are required to take tests like the SAT and ACT they can’t escape Common Core.

Finally, there is an electronic magazine that has an interesting article titled “Common Core: Why a Home-Schooled Family Should be Concerned” that you want to read (and perhaps subscribe to).

In the end it all circles back to a couple of questions: Who should control the education of your children? The elite’s with money think they know best. Political elements think they know more than parents.

Bottom-line? Those who control the tests control the entire education system. Are you willing to fight to keep control by getting rid of high stakes testing and refusing the smoke and mirrors of Common Core?


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