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Weekend odds and ends


In today’s post we bring you a selection of items and topics that be of interest. We’ll provide a brief overview and a link so you can dig in if you are interested.


Unfair high states tests will severely harm more than 180,000 Washington State students in the next 4 years  

In this article, they explain why unfair high stakes tests – which are now required in order to get a high school diploma here in Washington state – will severely harm more than 180,000 students during the next four years.

The Real Reason the SBAC Math Test Fails 67 Percent of All Students 

In this article, they review the meaning of four important scientific terms and explain why understanding these terms is essential to understanding why the SBAC math test fails 67% of all students who take this test. The four terms we will look at are Reliability, Validity, NAEP Basic and NAEP Proficient.

NSBA: Research Shows That School Choice Does Not Improve Education  

This research suggests that no matter what type of school, Charter, Private or Public, the outcomes are not significantly different

Levy swap would let state lawmakers shift local school revenues to Olympia, while cutting local taxing authority   

State lawmakers are debating the merits of an idea called the “levy swap,” in which Olympia would take the money people now pay in local school taxes and redistribute it statewide, while in turn reducing the taxes people pay to local school districts.


Regarding Obama and the whole conversation around limiting testing – there won’t be less testing. The author suggests that the only way to stop the intrusion is to revolt.


Comprehensive Education Data and Research System (CEDARS) Data Manual  

It’s a longitudinal data system managed by OSPI to collect, store and report data related to students, courses, and teachers. This data will allow the tracking and reporting. Is this what you want big brother to have and do?


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