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About Me


Who am I and why should you vote for me for the District 4 Board position?

Education: Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Finance as well as an MBA. Past Adjunct Professor at the University of Portland in the School of Business.

Personal: Married for 45 years this November. Four (4) grown children and currently eleven (11) grandchildren. I believe strongly in family and the importance of creating an environment for children that is supportive yet firm with direction and guidance.

Politics: Generally conservative on fiscal issues but varying stances on social issues.

Work Experiences: Pharmaceuticals and Biotech for 40+ years. We’ve owned several of our own businesses. I am also a member of the Clark County Clean Water Commission as well as a board member for the Meadow Glade Neighborhood Association. I’ve helped start several Neighborhood and Home Owners Associations as well as a cub scout troop, a drag strip association and other entities. Working as a consultant and an Entrepenuer in Residence at OHSU (Medical School) helping guide and mentor new startup businesses.

Hobbies and Interests: Bowling, golf, gardening, reading, computers and playing with the grandchildren

Education Views:

  1. Teachers need to be well paid and held accountable
  2. Schools need to be safe and appropriate for today’s world
  3. Curriculum needs to reflect not just the world of today but tomorrow
  4. Budgets need to be appropriate and monitored to assure they are being followed
  5. School needs to be fun and create an environment for a quality learning experience
  6. Physical exercise, the arts and creativity are just a few of the areas that need to be a focus
  7. Vocational training needs more attention

Finally, I’ve filled out EVERY survey, questionnaire, built this blog site and answered EVERY question posed to me. Why? Because I want people to understand who I am, how I think and go about making decisions. If they (you) like what you see and believe I’m the kind of person you want making decisions about the future of local education then I would appreciate your vote. 



  1. Julie Ebinger says:

    I agree with your views and will be voting for you. I would like to go one step further and advertise my support by placing a yard sign in my front yard and possibly obtaining a bumper sticker for the car. How do I go about getting these items?


    • I’ll contact you via email and make arrangements to get you a sign. I don’t have bumper stickers. The only other thing I have are some 8.5×11’s or 11×17 that can go in a car window.


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