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Who is in District 4?


Do you live in District 4? I tried to find a single map that shows the streets and…was unsuccessful. Then I went down to the election office and asked for a map and they said the closest they could come would be to identify the voting precincts. So (see below), here is a link to the Clark County web site. If you look at your voter registration card for your precinct number and it matches the following you are in District 4.

Generally if you are north of 99th; east of 72nd; south of 199th and west of a zig zag line bordering the Hockinson School District you are in District 4.

There are four (4) schools within District 4: Glenwood Elementary; Laurin Middle School; Prairie High School and Summit High School

Voting Precincts in District 4: 570; 571; 572; 573; 574; 575 (partial); 576; 577 and 578

Clark County Precinct Maps: http://www.clark.wa.gov/elections/precinctmaps.html 

Please note that board members are elected district wide and not just within the district the candidate resides.


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